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A Good Look: The New Apple Mac Book Air

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By Kevin fernandez on
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The MacBook Air is a versatile, Very small Laptop, And very thin. I have owned at least ten laptops in the past, and at least six desktops, and I work on them daily, so I am very profficient In computer technology and I know a good product when I see one.

When Mac released their Macbook air in 2009, People were awed by the thin, compact look of the laptop.I know we all or most of us have seen the Commercial released where they fit this laptop into an envelope. I wondered, Could this laptop Really have anything going for it other than its looks and size? well, let me explain.

Processors ( CPU's ) are like the heart of your computer along with the motherboard. Everything you have to do in a computerinvolves the processor such as converting, rendering, editing, gaming, etc. The Macbook air offers two intel Dual Core CPU speeds of 1.8ghz and 2.13ghz. Neither are very much of anything, but are sufficient depending on your needs. I tested this in three different ways. First I tested it while rendering an Mp3 file i created, second i converted an average length movie to ipod format ( mp4 ), third i tested it with Futuremark. Not surprisingly, it rendered the mp3 just fine. The video took about 35 minutes, but futuremark just went slow.

The Next Vital Component of a Computer or laptop is the GPU or video card. Most Laptops have very slow on board video such as Intel advanced media accelerators or such. I was surprisede that this Laptop had a Nvidia Geforce 9400M. While its not the best, this is very good for a Laptop. It ran Hd videos on youtube, played any video on any website, did just fine. As for Gaming though, its not the best.

Memory is Also Vital in a comuter. There is virtual memory ( ram ) and then theres the hard drive. The amount of ram you have indicates the number of programs you are able to run at once, or multi-task, or how fast you can run a certain one, how fast you load internet pages along with your CPU, but most importantly It keeps your operating system running which in this case is Mac OSX. The Macbook air has a 128GB Solid State drive, which is very safe, secure, and fast compared to traditional SATA hard drives, The laptop i tested also Had 2GB of Ram which was sufficient for simple rendering, Plenty for surfing, etc.

Mac OSX is a very safe, secure, and fast operating system. It is pretty much impossible to get a virus on Mac even if you try hard enough, This is one benefit it has over windows. it also has some very nice media features attatched to it.

As far as the laptop itself, the aliminum case is very sturdy, and the laptop os VERY VERY light compared to most. Ad of course, it is very slim and sleek. The Brightly lit LED screen is much brighter and clearer than usual LCD screens.

Now yea the Laptop sounds great, but there are also some disadvantages to the size. The laptop Lacks in Multiple USB's, firewire ports, ethernet ports, or an optical drive in which you have to buy seperately.

Otherwise, This Laptop Is great and very fast, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a tiny, thin, versatile laptpop, with some kick to it.