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A Good Maggie Shayne Book

Reviewing: Mira Thicker Than Water, By Maggie Shayne  |  Rating:
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This is a good romantic suspense book. I did not realize it until after I read the book that this is the first book of the "Mordecai Young" series. I really liked this book. It was not too romantic and mushy but more of a suspense. Maggie Shayne is such a talented author and is able to blend into many genres. The idea of this lady escaping from a horrible cult was very interesting. This book touches on how far people go to protect the ones they love. Storyline (as on back of the book): It was called a haven for runaway teens. In truth, it was a nightmare, one that ended in fiery violence sixteen years ago. Or so its survivors believed...

Syracuse news anchor Julie Jones is afraid. Her long-dead past was resurrected when a blackmailer threatened to expose secrets that could destroy her. Then the man was found dead - his throat cut with a knife from Julie's own kitchen. Now a new, faceless enemy wants more than money. This time Julie stands to lose the most precious thing of all - her teenage daughter, Dawn.

Julie finds herself with one unlikely ally, Sean MacKenzie. A journalist with a flair for the sensational, Sean covers the worst humanity has to offer. Julie Jones is hiding something that terrifies her, and he's determined to find out what. He just can't decide whether his goal is to expose her or save her.

Julie will do anything to protect her daughter. But someone else is watching, willing to do whatever it takes to avenge a past that cannot be forgotten.

Characters: Julie is a strong woman with a less than ideal past. She will do everything she can to protect her daughter, Dawn, from letting her past catch up with them. Sean is a man who is not perfect and for some reason has an attraction to his work enemy- Julie. He is bound and determined to find out what Julie is hiding about her past. Dawn is a protective daughter who knows her mom is hiding something, she just does not know what.

Overall: I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes romantic/suspense. I received this book from one of my online book trading sites: http://www.whatsonmybookshelf.com/ This book can probably be found at any local books store (like Barnes and Noble). The price on the back for a new book is $6.99US and $8.50CAN