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A Great Action Game!

Reviewing: Pandemic Studios Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction  |  Rating:
By Blake Edwards on
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I really liked this game. The plot is solid: The UN has invaded North Korea to put down a nuclear threat (Hmmm, could happen today, eh?) lead by General Song. The player chooses from three characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and captures different people of his army, leading up to Song himself.

The gameplay reminds the experienced gamer of GTA; the player can hijack cars, tanks, even helicopters; there is a penalty for killing civilians, and you gain or lose repect from factions depending on what actions you take and what missions you do. There are a huge number of enemies everywhere you look, and it is virtually impossible to not find an enemy every 2 minutes.

The environment has a large number of cities that you can explore, many war-torn and full of soldiers and civilians. The colors suggest a war torn country; and there are burning and destroyed vehicles everywhere.

The number of different vehicles you encounter in this game are pretty good; there are civilian cars, tanks, cargo trucks, helicopters, SAM sites, and even artillery. You can also use vehicles to disguise yourself as another faction. The number of handheld weapons are good too. One type of weapon I really think they should have added is pistols. :) But the types they have are a variety of assault rifles, machine guns, portable missile launchers, and handheld SAM launchers. Different types of familiar weapons like the famous Kalisnikov rifle can be identified even though the exact names are not used.

The player also has the option of using support items; things like heavy artillery, bombers, bunker buster bombs, cruise missiles, and even fuel-air bombs that are gained by doing different missions for different factions.

The voice acting is excellent; they really dislpay how the character thinks, his/her personality, and this makes the plot very good and enjoyable. The sound effects are also excellent; the weapons, vehicles and explosions sound like they should.

Overall, this game is excellent even though today the graphics are quite out-dated, it is gameplay that really stands out; and this game has a lot of it. Any action game fan out there this game is a must.