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A Great Additional Door!

Reviewing: Mr. Wandi (Of Gmp Housing) Plywood Vented Additional Door  |  Rating:
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When we moved to our new house as a newly wed, I noticed that mosquitoes living in our neighborhood would be a threat for me (I got rashes that would last for days after being bitten). I guess the mosquitoes here are of the more dangerous ones compared to those where I used to live in. Closing the doors would be the solution to prevent them from coming in to the house, but since our daily climate tend to be hot all the time, I know it wouldn’t be wise to do so (so freaking hot if we close the door). Applying mosquito repellent is a good way, but the repellent couldn’t last long. My hubby then looked at the houses around us, and he noticed that they have some kind of additional door which has something like gauze made from thin strong wires. This is it, he thought. So my hubby ordered these additional doors, as suggested by our neighbors, to a man named Mr. Wandi. He is actually a service guy appointed by the housing administrator to monitor any damages inside the house. A few days later after my hubby ordered the additional doors, Mr. Wandi delivered them himself. He then installed these doors outside each main door (my hubby ordered two pieces of this, one for the front door and the other for the kitchen door). So now we have two pieces of door: on the outer part is the additional door, and on the inner part is the main door. Now I mostly open the inner door (the main door) and close the outer door (the additional door). Although the additional door is closed, we would still have a breeze or fresh air from the vents (made from wires, creating something like gauze) that are located just on the top half of the door. And mosquitoes.. oh yeah.. they can’t enter the house if we keep the additional door closed. So no mosquitoes, but we still have the breeze. Smart huh? :) The additional door is made of thick plywood, and it is painted grey. I think this door is strong and firm enough. I guess I should thank the designer, Mr. Wandi, for making such a helpful carpentry work for us. Great work!