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A Great Book On Personal Growth

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In an incredibly short time, Steve Pavlina, the author of Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth, was able to experience and create more growth in himself than most people do in a complete lifetime. His website, stevepavlina.com, offers a huge amount of articles and blog posts on personal growth that are useful to every person in every walk of life. After having the life changing experience of being arrested for felony grand theft, Steve decided to focus his life on growing himself as much as he could, a goal that he has not only succeeded with but helped hundreds to succeed with, as well, by reading literally hundrds of personal development books in the space of several years and using his life as a testing ground for the material contained in those books. He created a highly profitable computer gaming business, but decided to focus instead on creating a website built around the idea of personal growth. Now, this book has arrived, containing many key principles from Steve's website and many more key treasures.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part covers Steve's seven principles of personal growth: Love, Power, Oneness, Authority, Courage, and Intelligence. The second part then discusses the how-to of applying these seven principles to everyday lives.

Steve Pavlina has written a completely unique self-help book of the kind I have never seen before. His experiences as a self-help guru are not only inspiring but intriguing. He encourages each person who reads his book to test their own personal development methods out on themselves. This book is a sort of guideline for building yourself a better life, and it succeeds quite literally in helping you do so. I'm thrilled that I bought this book and it is helping me immensly.