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A Great Family Holiday

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I've been to Blackpool on several occassions, the first time being when I was 8 years old, with my parents and my cousin, more recently I was there with my husband and three children, they all loved Blackpool as much as me. We were there for one week and found that a week was not enough to do everything we wanted.

One bad point about Blackpool is that you are not gauranteed to get good weather, however even in bad weather there is plenty to do, also Blackpool has activities to suit all ages!

So what can I do in Blackpool?

The famous Blackpool Tower

Firstly the Tower costs approx £54 for a family of five, this allows all day entrance into the Tower, as for activities, at different intervals of the day

The Circus is shown, it was absolutely fantastic best Circus I have seen in a long time,

Also throughout the day they have different shows or activities for kids, these were held in the family bar, so parents could relax with a juice, (or something stronger) lol At nights they had entertain for adults, music, quizzes etc, while the kids played safely in Jungles Jims, which was situated beside the family bar.

Then there is the ride to the top of the Tower, the lift will take you so far then you have to climb a few flights of stairs to get right to the very top, were you can look out over Blackpool, on a clear day the view is amazing, Near the top there is a small shop were you can purchase postcards and have them posted from "The top of the Tower". The ride to the Tower top also takes place at different intervals of the day.

There is a Sea World, however the kids totally rushed us round the place, so I cant really comment to much here, but what I seen of it, it looked good.There were other activities there to suit kids, things like dinosaur exibitions and a dinosaur rides, etc. Oh and not forgetting the famous Tower Ballroom, many shows have been held here, we just walked through the ballroom and had a nosey, there were dancers there so we didn't spend to much time in the Ballroom

We quite happily spent the whole day in the Tower, we left at dinner time and returned later in the evening, as far as I can remember the Tower closes at 11.00pm.

The piers

Along the promenade there are three piers, The North, Central and South piers. when we were in Blackpool there wasn't much on the North pier, however both the Central and South pier were packed with activities, such as boucy castles, soveigner shops, cafes, Family bars, game stalls, amusement arcades and lots of rides such as the Waltzers and kids roller coasters etc. We had hours of fun on both the piers. At far as that stage there were plans to add more to he North pier, as I know there was only a family bar on the North Pier and very little, however that's going back about two and a half years ago.

Shops and places to eat

All along the promenade you can find lots of shops, (some being cheaper than others) and there are many places to eat, again some places are cheaper than others, we were half boardso sometimes we bought food at lunch time and it could cost around £20 or more depending were we went, but half way through our holiday we found a take away stall, seel burgers and hotdogs for 50p their juice was also selling at 50p, my hubby was well impressed with this so we spent the rest of our holiday eating burgers or hotdogs for lunch, he's a miser. lol.


Shows are held on the Centarl pier, The Tower and at the Pleasure Beach, again this is something I cannot really comment on as with the kids being so young we didn't go to any of the shows, however I remember going to the Tower to see Cannon and Ball when I was in Blackpool with my parents, I loved Cannon and Ball and the show was fantastic.

Amusment arcades

There are arcades all along the promenade, we went into them a few times and set a limit on what the kids were aloud to spend, or they would have quite easily spent a small fortune.

Madam Tussauds Waxworks

This cost around £25 for a family of five, many faces can be seen here, such as film stars, the Royal family and pop stars, there is also a place were it is based on horror films, the only part of this a got to see was Christoper Lee, needless to say this is not suitable for the kids. Again we were rushed around the waxworks but it was still enjoyable.

The Sandcastle

The Sandcastle is situated near the south pier, basically the Sandcastle is a leisure centre, this cost around £40 for a family of five, an expensive swim, the pool is large and there are slides for people of a certain age to enjoy, and the pool is separated into sections to suit everyone.The £40 allows you to stay in the pool for as long as you want, which I suppose is reasonable, however after about an hour and a half - two hours the kids were shivering so we got out, you can expect to find the usual activities of a leisure centre.

The Beach

The beach is around 7 miles long and is clean and beautiful, we stayed quite a distance from the promenade, the beach was peaceful due to the fact that we were not on the main promenade, it was so peaceful infact that we were on the beach alone, it was lovely, so peaceful!! I could have stayed there all day long watching the sea, during our time on the beach we were chatting and playing with the kids we didn't realise that the tide was on it's way in, we had to practically grab everything and go! Further down the promenade the beach does get busy, there are donkey rides for the kids.

Also near the beach sometimes there are different displays on, while we were there they had the Red Arrows and an army display, it was all the old fashioned army wagons, the kids were allowed to get into them, they were given stickers and balloons, although I think the displays differ from year to year.

Horse rides

Along the promenade there are horse and cart rides running throughout the day, this costs approximately £4.00 per person, you are taken up andd down the promenade and the journey last about twenty minutes to half an hour. The kids found this quite enjoyable.

Pleasure Beach

Although we went to the Pleasure Beach we did't stay for long, as a lot of the rides were more suited to the older kids, needless to say this is were the famous roller coaster can be found, in all the times I have been to Blackpool I have yet to venture on to the Roller coaster! (I'm a chicken) I do like the fast rides but I just cant get the courage to go on the Roller Coaster! We are heading to Blackpool this year and we are planning on paying a vist to the Pleasure Beach now that the kids are a bit older! Cant wait, I'm a big kid at heart lol. As I said earlier there are shows held in the Pleasure Beach, this another thing we intend on doing since the kids are older now.


The trams are a popular form of transport around Blackpool, they travel up and down the promenade on a regular basis and cost around £1.60 for an adult fare and 80p for a childs fare, although iif you dont fancy the trams you can use the bus. You can buy a ticket that will do you all day and these tickets allow you travel by either tram or bus, or if you intend on using public transport quite regular, then you can purchase a ticket that will last all week, the cost of this ticket is £60 for two adults and three children and again you can also travel by bus.

Other Information

We went to Blackpool two and half years ago on July 5th, we found Blackpool quite quiet but what we didn't consider was that their school holidays are different than ours, so thats why it was quiet, everything seemed to close really early compared to what I can remember from being their with my parents. Another point to consider is how you book a holiday to Blacpool. When we went we went through Ulster Bus Coach Tours, which we booked at the Belfast Telegraph Travel agents, the cost for the holiday for two adults and three children for a week was £860, this included hotel on a half board basis, the boat from Belfast to Stranraer (return) and the coach from Stranraer to our hotel in Blackpool, (return) also a day trip in the middle of the week to Fleetwood market, now we are heading to Blackpool again at the end of August for a week and although we are planning to travel by Ulster Bus Coaches again, we booked our accommodation separately, however we are going self catering this time, anyway the total cost for the accommodation is £295, they are situated 10 minutes away from the Pleasure Beach, so quite close to all ammenities and the total cost for traveling is £310 bringing the total cost of the holiday to £605. A £255 saving, not bad in my opinion!!

For anyone planning a holiday to Blackpool with kids dont be planning for a relaxing holiday, because Blackpool is a busy holiday, my hubby says he needs a weeks holiday after visiting Blackpool to recover!! Although the kids loved Blackpool they were exhausted every night, their wee feet were walked off! lol.

There are other activities I have not mentioned here, but as I said a week in Blackpool is just not enough to see and do everything that you want!


I should also add that around the fourth or fifth of September the Blackpool illuminations start, I think they are on until late November time, this is lovely to see, the trams, the tower and the whole way along the promenade are all decorated with lights, I have only seen this once but we will be there during the illuminations this year.

So would I recommend Blackpool?

ABSOLUTELY!!!! Blackpool is great for all ages, families, couples, groups, young and old there is something for everyone, my cousing keeps telling me for the money I spend going to Blackpool, I could go on a foreign holiday, but I am quite happy to go to Blackpool, even though it can be quite expensive.

Thanks for reading