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A Great Gel Pen!

Reviewing: Uniball Gel Impact Rt  |  Rating:
By ally_deville on
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I know, a review of a pen, but this is some pen! I found out about this pen, a Uniball Gel Impact, about 3 years ago and have only used this brand and model since; it's just that good.

One of the librarians let me borrow her pen to make some notes during a budget meeting; I was HOOKED! It's so smooth; writing with it is effortless, or so it seems. Since that time I have converted many staff members and family over to the pen, as soon as they try it, they ask for their own pen as they can't believe how well it works. This isn't a ball point pen at all but is as convenient as one.

It does have a push-down clicker to extend the ball but that is about as similar as it is to a ball point; the way it rolls is just so darn smooth! It never leaves gaps or blobs of ink as some pens do but leaves a consistent ink trail. I don't end up with smudges on my fingers or on paper as the gel dries instantly. Another benefit is gel ink can't be altered; which can help stop someone from altering or forging a check, or so I've been told.

One drawback to the pen is it does go through a lot of ink rather quickly, when I buy a dozen pens, I always order at least one box of refills. I typically have to replace the ink once every 2 weeks. But the quality of my writing looks improved; mainly because the stroke looks bolder and everything is smoother.

The barrel of the pen is a bit thicker than a regular pen and it does have a nice cushion which I think aids in how well you can grasp the pen, hence the ease of writing. I prefer the bold tipped pen but it is sold as a fine point as well. I've tried that one out but wasn't as pleased with the feel of the pen; it wasn't as smooth as the bold tip.

The pen isn't expensive at all but certainly performs like a expensive one.