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A Great Modern Zombie Virus Movie

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I've always thought that Will Smith was an amazing actor, minus Fresh Prince which was a horrible show, but he always gives a powerful performance. So last night, on a date, we watched I Am Legend, Smiths newest movie out. I didn't think it was going to be that good…but it turned out to be an amazing movie.

The plot is quite simple. A woman discovers a "cure" for cancer and tests it in 10, 009 people...all 10, 009 people are cured of cancer. So the cure is administered to people...turns out it did cure cancer, but it infects the people with a disease similar to rabies and makes humans go insane and want nothing but to kill and eat. It also makes their skin super sensitive to sunlight, basically making Zombie/Vampire hybrid monsters. 3 years after the cure is created, Will Smith is the only surviving human, located in New York City, just trying to survive, and trying to find a cure for the disease with his dog, the only friend he has.

The acting in this movie is A++++ quality. This movie is unique in the fact that Smith really is the only character in the whole movie, aside from the flashbacks from the past and how the outbreak began, but either than that, Smith is by himself the whole time. He does a powerful performance and really gets your eyes to watering when you realize just how alone and crazy he has become. But I did feel in some parts that Smith over acted his crazy/depression way more than he should have. It was still good...but I felt he could of calmed down. Then again, if you're the only person on Earth alive, and alone, you would go pretty insane as well.

The action in this movie is over the top and great. It's not gory or anything, so it's perfectly fine for the kids to sit through. The action is intense with lots of multiple camera angles to show the violence. The zombie creatures in this movie are visceral and insane, without the utmost amount of compassion for anything. They are a prime example of the rawest brutality ever.

The only complaint I really have about this movie is that it is really short. It only clocks in at about an hour and a half, which to some people that might be long, but for all that is going on, you feel like it's cut short. The ending is horribly rushed and random (I can't give away anything, go see the movie), making the ending not fill filling at all, but overall this is an amazing movie with the best performance I've seen from Smith since Pursuit of Happyness. And it's actually quite scary in that "going to make you jump" sense.