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A Great Mp3 Player

Reviewing: Creative Zen Nano Plus 1 Gb  |  Rating:
lordofdarkness66 By lordofdarkness66 on
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Creative Zen comes up with very good music players. And that is especially true with the Nano Plus 1GB MP3 player. Mine is a white coloured rectangular device that is small and fits perfectly in my palm. It comes with a small LCD display and a blue backlight. There are two volume buttons on the side of the player as well as a wheel to switch between songs and to access the various menus. These menus include skipping folders, play modes, an electronic equalizer, delete file, settings for display, recording tracks, encoding songs to mp3 format, an FM radio as well as a function to lock the buttons so that you don't accidentally tamper with the settings while the player is in the pocket or something. It's memory is 1GA but the actual usage capacity is 970+ MB due to the Operating Software taking up some memory. I've got a few qualms about this product though. The obvious one is the lack of a playlist building function. That way I cant choose the songs I want to listen to at one particular time. The next is the player gets dusty very easily and is hard to clean. I have to carry an extra USB cable if I want to connect it to a PC which is very cumbersome. The manual doesn't explain properly about the line-in function until I figured out it is for MP3 encoding. The LCD display is a little too small. And the most irritating of all is the whole player slows down during startup if the player is full, like mine. However the earphones supplied with the player is especially good. The bass is awesome. Even the FM radio reception is excellent. Over all, this player is worth every single cent I paid for it. If you want a good MP3 player at a cheap cost, then this player is the best player to buy.