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A Great Remake Of Final Fantasy 4!

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Joshua Cruz By Joshua Cruz on
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Final Fantasy 4 was originally released for the Super Nintendo as Final Fantasy 2 in North America due to Square Enix not releasing 2 or 3 there. This game proved to be one of the best back then and still holds true for this remake. It has now been remastered in full 3D on Nintendo's handheld, the Nintendo DS.

The Final Fantasy series has been known to have a very addicting, attaching, and nostalgic soundtrack. The music has also been remastered and still manages to feel nostalgic. The sound quality is great, especially for a handheld game.

New features were added to this remake, such as new cut scenes, the augment system, and of course, new game+. However, some changes were made that aren't so great, like the inability to swap partners before the last boss due to voice acting that has been implemented into these scenes.

This game is not a turned based RPG, but what the game calls "Active Time Battle", where your you may attack again after a set amount of time has passed (likewise for the enemy). People who have played Chrono Trigger would be familiar with this style.

This game is one of the best remakes of any old classic I've seen. Square did a good job with this one. If you want a great, addicting game, pick this one up!