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A Great Retelling Of A Halloween Classic

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When I was about 15 years old, I saw the first Halloween and thought it was a horribly lame movie with a stupid villain. Every movie afterwards in the series was worse than the last and just made me think the series was just a big joke and waste of time, though when ti first came out, people thought it was the scariest thing alive. Rob Zombie, one of my favorite directors, decided this year to take a chance, and make his own version of the movie. And it is AWESOME.

The story is really simple. Michael Myers is a young kid growing up at home with a horrible stepfather, a slutty sister who neglects him, his younger sister whom he loves very much, and his mother. On Halloween night, he's pushed too far and murders his stepfather and sister and is sent to an insane asylum. Years later, he breaks out to find his baby sister, and kills all those who get in his way.

Where Rob Zombie makes this movie shine is the first half of it. John Carpenter(the original creator of Halloween) never really explained anything about Michael Myers and why he was the way he was. The first half of the movie is pure psychological gold, showing the psyche of a monster and really giving you feelings toward young Michael. Instead of showing him as a cold monster(which he still does show him as when he gets older), you see his upbringing and what he went through and start to understand him.

Where the movie becomes weak though is the second half, which I like to call "Halloween abridged". It's basically a more modern version of the first movie abridged into 45 minutes with a different ending than the first one. Everything feels rushed and out of place. It starts off strong and fresh, but ends fast and you don't quite feel satisfied. It's still a good showing, but the first hour of the film is completely different than the second.

The cast is the usual Zombie favorites. Sheri Moon, Sid Haig, Bill Mosely, Danny Trejo...all are present and accounted for. But this time, Sheri Moon is really the only one who plays a big role, the others are minor. But Zombie introduces us to Daeg Faerch, who plays young Michael Myers. I think this kid was casted perfectly, he really does an amazing job. Usually kid actors aren't that great, but I thought Daeg did amazing. The other actor, Tyler Mane, who plays as the adult Michael Myers was very well casted as well. Though he says nothing...he's incredibly tall which makes him a looming insane monster.

As for the language and violence, like any Zombie film, it's over the top(not so much the language this time around). Myers is really visceral and violent with his victims and loves to spray the gore, so it's a great stab-a-thon for those who love the genre. There is also some nudity, so this movie may not be a great pick for the kids.

So for anyone who loved the original Halloween, Rob Zombie fans, or anyone who just loves horror movies who didn't get to experience this one, pick it up and give it a try. It's an awesome retelling of the original Halloween for the kids of today that won't disappoint hardcore horror fans.