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A Great Super Glue Without The Mess

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I use super glue for various things around the house. Anywhere from arts and crafts to fixing broken ceramics. I am always pleased with the fastness of the super glue but those little tubes are such a messy hassle. I recently ran out of super glue around the house (well the tube dried up) so I was at the store looking for some more. I found this little bottle of Instant Krazy Glue. It is in a bottle about the feel of a bottle of nail polish. The cap unscrews and there is a little brush to apply the glue to the item you want glued. I thought this might be a good alternative to the messy tube of glue that ends up gluing my fingers together as well.

I get the product home and there are a few things that needed fixing to i take the bottle out of the packaging and start gathering my fixable items. First was a magnet that had fallen apart. So I unscrew the cap, apply the glue to the magnet with the brush, screw the cap back on, and then put the magnet back together. WOW! did I really just do that without glueing my fingers together? OK lets try something else. A broken figurine made of resin. Unscrew cap, apply glue with brush, screw cap back on, hold two pieces of figurine together for a few seconds and WOW! I just did it again and again my fingers are not glued together.

This product is amazing. Why no one had thought to apply super glue with a brush before is beond me. I will never go back to those messy tubes again and my fingers thank me for it.

The bottle holds .18 oz (5g) of glue.