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A Great Upper Body Workout, At A Good Price

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I was looking around for a new piece of exercise equipment, and came across the Push Up Pro. I had seen it on TV before, yet I didn't want to purchase it that way. It soon came into stores at a sale price of $9.99, with a guarantee quoted on the box. ‘You'll see & feel an amazing difference in your body within 10 days-Guaranteed!' I had heard they worked quite well, and for the price, I decide to give them a try.

Product Specs

- Steel Ball Bearings

- Non-Slip Base

- Rubberized Comfort Grip

- Rotating Push Up Grips

- Comes With A Workout and Nutrition Guide


- Solid and Durable (They feel solid when doing push ups, and they don't feel like they will fall apart on you)

- Non-Slip Base (The product doesn't slip when using them, and they stay in position well)

- Okay Rotation (It rotates okay, and they don't spin very fast, which is a good thing)

- Workout and Nutrition Guide (Shows different workouts in the guide for beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert. It also shows how to target different muscles.

- Not Too Expensive (Quite good price compared to the Perfect Pushup)

- Portable ( Not very big so you could fit them in your suitcase if you really wanted to, and can be used on many different surfaces)

- Versatile (There are many different levels of difficulty in the one product, from beginners to experts)


- Grips (The rubber grips are very poor, and barley provides any comfort. The shape of the handles isn't too bad though, and you get used to it after a while)

- Not Tall (They are not very tall, making you unable to do a deep push up)

Product Summary

Overall, the Push Up Pro works excellent, and makes a normal push a lot harder. I was very surprised at how well this product worked. Having many different levels of difficulty, it can be used by anyone. As you progress, you can challenge yourself more and more, as the workouts and reps get harder. The rotation of the grips works your arms, abs, chest, shoulders and much more, just as it advertises. From the closed position to the wide position, you can actually target different muscle areas in your upper body, and can provide a very good workout with just a few reps. For the price, I would recommend the Push Up Pro to anyone wanting a good upper body workout.

Update On Apr 01, 2010: The beginner level is wall push ups, the intermediate level is knee push ups, the advanced level is normal push ups and the expert level is normal push ups with your feet raised.