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A Great Value To Light Up Your World

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While I was in Walmart I happened to remember that I needed light bulbs so I decided to take a look. I have been replacing burnt out bulbs with the new fluorescent style as the need arises. Fluorescent bulbs have comparable light output while using significantly less energy but do they really save money in the long run.

I first looked at GE 13W bulbs. A package of three was priced at $5.50 and the package stated that each bulb saved $47.00. A 13W fluorescent bulb provided comparable light when compared to a 60W incandescent bulb. If I were to purchase this package then a $5.50 investment would result in $141.00 in energy savings for three bulbs.

Next I looked at the Great Value brand. A package of three 13W bulbs was priced at $4.92 and the package also stated each bulb saved $47.00 or a net energy savings of $141.00. Since these bulbs were cheaper and rated the same there was an additional savings of 58 cents. This is roughly a 10 per cent savings on the bulbs.

I then spotted a package of six Great Value 13W fluorescent bulbs for $5.00. (There were no GE packages of six bulbs) For eight cents more I got twice the bulbs. The Package of six bulbs only claimed a savings of $37.00 per bulb. The bulbs in packages of three were rated at 10, 000 hours of bulb life each while the package of six were rated at 8000 hours of bulb life each.

The bulbs were not rated the same so I did not double my value for 8 cents. Three bulbs rated at 10, 000 hours each equals 30, 000 hours. Six bulbs rated at 8000 hours each equals 48, 000 hours. I received an additional 18, 000 hours of bulb life for an extra 8 cents . Talk about a Great Deal. Am I going to actually measure the life of the bulb. I think NOT.

No matter how you look at it I paid 83 and 1/3 cent per bulb.