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A Great Zombie Collection

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I had a chance here recently to attend a Rob Zombie concert, so I purchased his greatest hits album from Best Buy the week before the concert. For the $10 price tag, you sure get alot more than you usally do for 10 bucks.

Lets start with the main portion, the songs. Every big Zombie hit, and some lesser known ones, are on this gigantic 19 track disk. From his early days in White Zombie up until the release of The Sinister Urge(no Educated horses in this album), this album offers the best out of his library. I was sad to find out though that Meet The Creeper and Scum of the Earth were missing from the set list, along with House of 1000 Corpses. But the Cd does offer his cover versions of the Ramones Blitkrieg Bop and his version of Brick House. These extras kind of make up for the lack of my favorite songs.

The lyrics jacket was kind of neat, but is absent of all lyrics. Since this is his greatest hits and it has 19 songs, it's justifiable to not have a huge library of lyrics to read. Instead we get pictures of Zombie from 1985 till 2003 along with reviews written about his performances over the year and lots of pictures. While it is a cool collection of stuff, I just wish there would have been some sort of showing of his Discography to let the fans know where the songs came from and what albums they could purchase to hear more.

The Cd also comes with a music video DVD as an extra bonus, which features 10 videos. While 10 videos is a great bargain to come with a $10 CD, I felt they left alot of the big videos out. Most notable: Black Sunshine and Demon Speeding. Instead of those videos, we got some of the videos that were on the Hellbilly Deluxe Special Edition, where he made a video for every single song on the CD. It's nice, but Iggy Pop and the Black Sunshine video is awesome, wish I could of got it.

Over all, this is an amazing deal for $10. 19 Tracks and 10 videos from the legendary Rob Zombie himself. This is a big recommend for anyone who is into Rob Zombie or even the casual Metal fan. And if you ever have the chance, see him in concert. He's AMAZING