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A Gta Knockoff That Beats Gta

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Everyone has played GTA, but Microsoft decided to step it up and make an amazing GTA like game, but with a plus, you get to all the powers from all your super hero video games. Microsoft presents: Crackdown.

Crackdown’s story is really really simple, you live in Pacific City, which is taken over by criminal organizations that have left the city in ruins. At ends, the police decide to team up with a mad scientist who was in trouble for doing genetic experimentation. Now, you’re one of his experiments. You’re a genetically altered super soldier who is sent out to clean up the streets of all the grit and grime.

The gameplay to this game is just like GTA, with the exception that you have super powers. So you can jump around like 30 feet in the air, left up 3 ton objects, or run like the Flash. You can also jack cars and run and gun around the city. It’s just like any third person shooter, just that the super powers make the game more interesting.

The game has a unique feature that rewards you for going out and going out of your way and doing the extra missions. The more crime bosses you kill, the easier the final encounter with the crime syndicate leader will be. You can run in there thinking you’re invincible, but you’ll die fast. So you really should go out of your way and stop the other crime bosses to make your life easier.

The only big flaw I have with this game is that the driving portion of the game is really horrible. The driving engine is horrible, the vehicles are un responsive, and the police start to piss you off after a while, because you’ll accidentally be killing lots of lots of people on accident.

Microsoft took a step up and made an awesome GTA like game that is nothing like GTA. The driving sucks, but the whole game is amazing and has a new feeling to it. This game really shines and shows what a next gen system can do.