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A Handbook For Visitors To The Fourteenth Century

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The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England is a fantastic book for anyone interested in this time period. The reader is taken through Medieval England one step at a time with your very own tour guide explaining pretty much everything.

You start off with descriptions of the landscape. This section includes cities and town, populations, even the types of buildings the people live in. There are also some more detailed descriptions of major cities such as London.

The next step is a detailed description of the type of people you are likely to meet. Those who work, those who fight and those who pray. Each group has a ranking order or category...Royalty, Knights, Lords, and yes, even women are in their own category. The character of the people is described in depth also.

The measurement of time, as well as weights, is described as well as important dates and languages.Manners and Politeness, how to greet people and how to shop. Clothing has a section all to it's self and fashion in the fourteenth century changed about as rapidly as it does in this century.

It's very important to know how to travel through the Medieval period as travel is much different then what it is today. There is a full chapter on how to travel from place to place, where to stay (all options are described) as well as what you will be eating and drinking.

Health and hygiene as well as diseases are important factors in Medieval times. Doctors are few and are very free spirited in their treatments. Some just down right ridiculous. Everything from tasting the patients blood to closely examining the patients urine to diagnose what illness is present.

The Medieval law is just as bad as the hygiene but seemed to work well if you take in consideration you're probably going to be judged by your neighbors and probably hanged either way. There was no police force at this time and the King is far too busy to take on every criminal case that comes up.

The last part of this book is things to do for entertainment. Reading seems to be a favorite among the high class. Bear Baiting seems to be the favorite among the lower class.

Ian Mortimer does a fabulous job at taking the reader through this complex time period and making it informative and fun. The book is filled with information. It is not a boring read by any means, though. It flows well and is humorous at many parts throughout. If you love the Medieval time period and want to learn more about life during this time, I recommend this book.