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A Happy Medium Between Matte & Dewy: Prime For Perfection

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By catens on
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mark PFP Face Primer

Avon offers this simple primer by mark for $10 and the small tube lasts a very long time. I have used the product almost every day and have yet to finish it, and bought it about 6 months ago. This is because such a very small amount goes such a long way! For $10, you can not beat the price. Primed for Perfection Face Primer is definitely worth trying.

It is an iridescent formula that ever-so-slightly shimmers to diffuse light and shine off of your face. It is fairly lightweight and dries quickly, so that you can apply your makeup almost right away. It works great on the eyelids before eyeshadow, and helps it to last all day. It can be worn alone, but it should be noted that this primer does not have an SPF.

I am not confident that it works as well at keeping foundation in place as it does at making eyeshadow last, but some days are better than others, so like virtually all cosmetics, to an extent it depends on your own skin and the weather.

I also noticed that while it starts off the early half of the day well, my face starts to feel a little oily later, and oilier than when I am not wearing the primer at all. I have started just using it on my eyelids and cheek bones and nose rather than my whole face, because when it starts to "melt" or get oily, I am suspecting it is sliding over my jawline and neck and causing irritating rash-like breakouts that only occur when I have worn the primer a few days in a row. Therefore, I do not recommend it for those with oilier skin, high humidity climates, or sensitive skin since it does not seem to be hypoallergenic.

Those are the only negatives though. The simplicity of the formula, and the perfect amount of shimmer, combined with the price and the amount of product, considering how long lasts, makes it a winner in my book. I am still enjoying using it. A blotting and light dusting of powder midday remedy any slight complaint I have against the product. Why? Because mark Primed for Perfection Face Primer hits that happy medium between matte and dewy - you will not look too flat, powdery, or sparkly, nor will you be overly glowing or oily - just a nice soft fresh look. I actually prefer the non-SPF aspect of this primer, because I don't look ghostly white in flash photography when wearing this, and it is one of those primers that, in a pinch, I can smooth on, apply some mascara and gloss, and venture out on errands without wearing a full face of makeup. I have actually received compliments on my skin while wearing nothing but this. For just $10, you too can hopefully get the feeling of "pretty" this little tube of potential carries.