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A Heart Warming Animation

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The year is 1939, the depression is over and America is beginning to return to a thriving state. The quantity of creativeness and dynamism is high in the country and affects all of the people within the U.S.A. This includes a young child, Carl Fredricksen, wanting to explore the earth and discover new places like his childhood hero, Charles Muntz. After viewing a documentary on his hero, Carl decides to go home and ends up meeting a girl, Ellie, who shares his passion for adventure. This relationship between Carl and Ellie evolves into them become best friends, later husband and wife. They work the years at the zoo, Ellie as a Zoologist; Carl a Balloon vendor. All their efforts for saving enough for an adventure to South America to find a mythical place where their childhood hero vanished too. After 70 years Ellie has died and Mr. Fredricksen has become terribly depressed and regrets not fulfilling all the plans him and Ellie had made. After losing his anger at a construction worker who destroyed a mailbox his wife had made, resulting in an injury, Mr. Fredricksen is sent to live at a nursing home. With moments left, before what seems like a miserable future, he fills all the balloons he had from his job and his house begins floating into the air trying to set course to South America. His only miscalculation was that Russell, an ambitious boy scout, was trapped on his porch trying to earn a "Helping the Elderly" Badge. Now these unforeseen circumstances lead to new adventure, which gives enlightenment to Mr. Fredricksen. Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?

Pixar's 10th film is a nice serious animation, but it does have its funny moments which led to it winning a Teen Choice: Best Summer Comedy award. This element of humor creates a nice balance that is suitable for any good quality movie. A hard characteristic to come by is found within the movie, the jokes don't deviate from the plot which develop not only characters, but also the story. The comedy is also developed, as one can notice the balance shifting between the characters from serious to amusing, as more characters get added to the story.

This movie is suitable for all age groups and would be enjoyed by all also. I know from personal experience that finding a movie that the little kids, the teen agers, the parents, and sometimes even the grandparents can all enjoy. Yet, when going to the movie theater to watch this film, I noticed there was no age barrier. When inside the theater, each aisle was mixed by various age groups. This held the same principle that old movies held, that there should be no age limit to watch a good movie and that's what there was.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a nice film to take the family too, maybe looking for a gift for a friend, "Up" is just the choice for you. Just sit back, relax, and become captivated by what they call Pixar magic.