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A Horror Fps That Gets It Right

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FEAR is a first person horror shooter from Sierra and Monolith that promises to be as scary as it is action packed .I'm always a skeptic when it comes to horror games because I never really feel they get it right, especially Doom 3, which was an amazing game, but wasn't as scary as the reviews made it to be. But, this time, FEAR actually does it right for me...kind of.

The premise of FEAR is still kind of hazy to me after completing it, but the gist I got was that you are a member of the First Encounter Assault Recon, an elite military team that takes on events in the paranormal. You're sent in to find a psychic named Fettell who is in control of soldiers called Replicas who are terrorizing things. In the process you encounter a child by the name of Alma, who is a powerful psychic who has been doing all the killings you were sent to answer.

The gameplay is your standard FPS, but you have the ability to control time with SloMo. So you run and gun just like every FPS, but you can slow down time and dodge bullets or take out rooms full of people with ease.

Where FEAR really gets it done right is the atmosphere and mood the game sets for you. The game is really dark, which makes you rely on your flashlight in a similar Doom 3 fashion, except this time around, your flashlight has limited time before it has to recharge. Where FEAR approves upon Doom is that you can use your light and your gun at the same time, making it easier to make it through the dark corridors and still survive in the intense fights. But the main draw here is Alma and Fettell, the two psychics who are going after you. You'll get glitches on your HUD then out of no where Alma will come running at you psycho like, or she'll be watching you, or Fettell will be walking down the hall speaking his rhetoric. Even though they are cheap thrills, Alma is an extremely creepy person, so the moments where she pops out will make you cringe. You'll be climbing up a ladder and BOOM there she is.

The big complaint I have with this game is that there is no way for you to know you're about to die. In most games there's a beep saying you’re about to die, or your character will start breathing heavy or something. But in FEAR, you get shot at, then next thing you know, you're dead. And you don't even get that "You're Dead" screen shot of your body, it goes straight to a loading screen and boots you right back up to where you were. There are MedKits all over the area to help you out, but sometimes, you just can't use them in time before you're dead. This leads to hours and hours of frustration re starting way back in the level, fighting through the horrible soldiers again, get back to where you were, which by then you'll be weak, then die again and go back again.

This game is extremely fun and gets the creepy atmosphere back. I wish I had an idea when I was going to die and I wish it wasn't so repetitive, but overall it's a great game and a good edition to any FPS fans collection.