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A Ladybug Game For Your Little Ladybug

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This game is amazingly simple grabbing the attention of children ages 3 to 10 quite easily. As a ladbug stranded far from home you have to collect aphids, ten to be exact, to pay your way past the lazy ants and make your way back to the rose garden, so you may bask once again in the sun and enjoy your day. The pitfalls - as you play and gain aphids you can loose aphids, either buy the spaces you land on or the cards you pick. The cards that signify your turn can grant you aphids take them away, move you spaces forward and back, give you a break from the Praying Mantis who will toss you back to the start if you land on his square, and even advance you another card.

All and all the game moves rather quickly as long as you don't loose too many aphids. (There is a mercy circle by the ants where you can bulk up on aphids if need be.) It keeps a child's attention and teaches them to add and subtract as well. The cards and the spaces on the board are marked with the numbers signifying the spaces or aphids as well as pictures so children can match them up easily. Rarely can I find a game that captures the attention span of a 3 year old long enough to complete the game. This is one of a handful of games that we finish everytime we play. It's also a game that can be tolerated well by older siblings and relatives. The space content is less than half the size of Candyland. A game which I'll admit I've hid the gingerbread and peppermint cards so I'm not forced back to the beginning to play the game over again.

Believe it or not this game was developed by a young girl as a project for school. Kids know kids because this one's a winner.