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A Little Splash On My Desktop

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By linda amstutz on
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I was walking through Staples, on my way to the paper department, when a splash of color caught my eye -- more accurately, a bin of colored splashes. Calculators shaped like splashes. They are called Splat Calculators and you can tell whoever named them didn't have a vivid imagination since even an idiot can see they look like a splat.

I bought a blue one, anyway. I thought it would be fun to see a splash of blue on my desk. Might make me more productive. Might make balancing the checkbook easier. Might bring a smile to my worn face. And it did!

The numbers are fun to punch. They are soft and rubbery and make math fun! Turn it on with a touch and you have 8 digits to reckon with, along with the usual function keys, like X, %, MRC, M+, M-, -, +, =.

The only problem for me has been that the = key is where my old calculator housed its + key. That means I keep hitting "total" when I think I am pressing "plus." Once I get used to that, this will be the perfect calculator for me.

It may not do High Math, but it sure does High Fashion. And that's what I want on my desk!