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A Man Like God; A Killing Machine

Reviewing: Dimension Films Halloween 2  |  Rating:
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Halloween 2 is the continuous version of Halloween 1. In order to understand the movie, I suggest that you watch Halloween 1 first. Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) is a psycho that murders everybody he met. He used to be take care at a sanitarium, and then he escapes and starting to kill everyone except his sister (part 1). After took several bullets from cops, Michael is down. Presumed dead, his body is loaded by an ambulance. In the middle of its way, the ambulance is crash, and it awakens Michael. Michael himself has a vision that he meet his mother Deborah Myers (Sheri Moon Zombie), riding a white horse. The ghost of Deborah gives Michael a vision that it wants to bring him home. Together, they can reunite again.

Terror and sadism can be found in this movie. I am strongly not recommended this movie for children to watch. The story line is not too good. The idea of this movie is just kill and kill. However, the computer effect is pretty nice. This movie is produce by Dimension Films and Alliance Films.