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A Mike Tyson Film Entitled Tyson 2008

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The film doesn't have any reporter or person interviewing Mike Tyson. Its Mike Tyson telling his life and point of view without anybody elso having a say. I think thats refreshing because the last thing I want is a reporter jumping in while tyson is talking trying to get a concept of the discussion. Why get a concept of what Tyson is saying as the reporter probably wouldn't get it anyway? This is Tyson talking raw and uncut with no interference by anybody. I knew tyson had a mental problems after hearing all the things about him before watching this film but now you hear it more in depth. I find his analysis about life to be warped, interesting and in a bizarre way comical as he talks during the film where I would call some parts of it poetry. Its just not tyson as a poet though as he talks about how one thing led to another from his beginnings to later when things started going down hill. A long time friend of Tyson funded the making of the documentry so it was more about Tyson being Tyson in the documentry with no obligations to a business to have it their way.

Tyson and his Relationship With His Mentor Cus D'Amato:

Watching the film as Mike Tyson was a up and coming boxer he was obsessed with boxing and did everything he could to be a better boxer mentally and physically with what you will get to know from the brainwashing of his mentor Cus D'Amato. Tyson and Cus D'Amato were really close and by the way Mike Tyson talks about him in the film it was like a father-son relationship. I felt Cus D'Amato was TysonS father by the way he was talking. I also don't think Mike Tyson could have become world champion without the mentoring from Cus D'Amato after hearing what Tyson had to say about him and the role he played in his life.

The Biggest Upset In Sports History?

I remember tysons fight with Bustor Douglas back then which is known by many as the greatest upset in sports history when Douglas won the world title from Tyson. I even thought it was a fluke considering how great of a boxer he was at the time, but hearing from Tysons point ofview around that time I view it as less of an upset compared to what I previously believed.

His Prison Conviction

He also talks about this in the film. Whether he was guilty of what he did or not I think it was a blessing that he did get locked up for the sake of others, however I do have sympathy for him on how he felt once he got out of prison.

My Thoughts About Tysons View of His Fights After Getting Out of Prison

When hearing his point of view about his boxing matches after his prison release I get a feeling of deja vu.

Tysons Tattoo Symbols

Tyson tattoos were really symbols of desperation as I continue to watch the film. The one tatoo thats of course most noticeable is the face tattoo. I thought he got the face tattoo since he was no longer the boxer he use to be just to get attention. The face tattoo really is more about a symbol of intimidation. I think he would had looked more bizarre if he would have got the face tattoo he said he was originally planning on getting. The face tattoo he got has nothing in common When compared to the original face tattoo he planed on getting.

What Else or Who Else Is In the Documentry Besides Tyson?

Mainly it shows old footage to go along with what Tyson is talking about but there is one other person that is shown briefly in the documentry that talks.

Tyson and His Life After Boxing

WIth all the chaos that surrounded Mike Tyson as a Boxer I think he now has a chance to live a happier life without boxing along with his family I see pictures of in the film. By the way it he acts it seems like he is happier.Tyson looks to be more reserved and at peace.

Tyson and Money

Another point I would like to make out is how could he blow away over 30 plus million dollars like he did? He realizes people have the same types of questions like I do when it comes to his money wasteing ways and he gives a reason for it. He has a warped point of view as a reason for spending so much money.


Tyson is a complex person. I can't really blame Tyson for all his problems as he never really had much guidance from people at an early age such as a mother or father that was there for him. Things like that are of course harder for someone to figure out when your all alone and people are not there to give you a sense of direction and love you. He had Cus D'Amato with him to give him a sense of direction but it was more about the boxing than anything. When someone is in trouble early on in life and you at least have 1 person thats there for you like Cus D'Amato was there for Tyson to give him direction, that 1 direction he gave him was mainly boxing so he finally had at least some direction to go towards without anything being in the way as he was lost with everything else in life. Tyson basicly had no choice but to be brainwashed into a great fighter compared to someone who already had direction and guidance and stayed out of trouble. To make things short Cus D'Amato had someone like Tyson who was unorganized and organized him into a pure boxer. This was a really good documentry but I don't want to see or hear about anymore documetries about Mike Tyson anymore as enough is enough. People trying to make money of Tyson have milked him for every cent they can as far as I'm concerned. I almost didn't watch the documentry but I'm glad I did now considering it was more original compared to the rest.

Cus D'Amato Quote In the Film:

"I Owe You A Lot Tyson. If You Were Not Here I Probably Wouldn't Be Alive Today. The Fact That You Are Here, Doing What Your Doing, and Doing As Well As Your Doing, and Improving As He Has Gives Me the Motivation and Interest To Stay Alive, Because I Believe A Person Dies When They No Longer Want To Live, But I Have A Reason With Mike Here and He Gives Me the Motivation I Will Stay Alive and I Will Watch Him Become A Success Because I Will Not Leave Until That Happens."