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A Mouthwash Precribed By The Dentist

Reviewing: Glaxosmythkline Corsodyl Mouthwash  |  Rating:
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A few years ago I had a tooth pulled out and my dentist prescribed this mouthwash, it was fantastic but I have never used it again since that time, well until recently I had a sore mouth and read somewere that this mouthwash is good to use for minor mouth problems, so I decided to buy some.

In my local Tesco there it was in the toiletry section retailing at £2.79, so needless to say I purchased some, The bottle is plastic and brown in colour although you can see the liquid inside the bottle, the lid is white and screws on and off quite easily, the usual info can be found on the label and this mouthwash is suitable for bleeding gums, irrated gums and mouth ulcers, the bottle is 300ml and has a good shelf life, the bottle I bought goes out of date in 2012.

When using this mouthwash you should wait for at least 5 minutes after brushing before using the mouthwash as some toothpastes will stop the mouthwash from working properly, remove the lid and fill up to the 10ml line and then rinse your mouth for 1 minute, use the mouthwash twice per day.

The mouthwash is mint flavoured and when first tasted it is quite strong, when I first used the mouthwash I was surprised as I felt a burning sensation on my tongue, however it does say that this could be experienced on the first few uses, after using the mouthwash my mouth is left feeling clean and fresh with a strong mint taste which lasts for at least 10 minutes after using. I must admit the taste can be quite off putting but the clean feeling I get when using this mouthwash is great.The active ingredient in the Corsodyl mouthwash is chlorhexidine digluconate which is an antibacterial agent that reduces dental plaque.

Having had a sore mouth I rinsed my mouth with this mouthwash and by the next morning I no longer had a sore mouth, although if you have major problems please visit your dentist, I scringe my teeth both at night and when I am doing things during the day which causes me some minor tooth problems. Highly recommended

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