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A Must Have Game For Ps2 Owners

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When I was younger I was a huge fan of Marvel heroes - Spider Man, the Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, and so on. I wasn't particularly fond of X-Men though. That series in the 90s seemed to be more appealing to more mature tastes and seemed much grittier than things like Spider Man. Outside of Wolverine, I wasn't much of an X-Men fan.

So over a decade later I decided I wanted a new game and went over to GameStop to see what they had on their $10 and under display. I stumbled across this game and almost put it right back, back reading over it and remember how acclaimed it was when it was released, I decided this might be something I want to check out.

X-Men Legends is a remarkable game. That new Batman game might hold the crown as the greatest superhero game ever, but I'd say outside of that, X-Men Legends definitely comes in second place.

This game really pulls you into the world of X-Men, putting you into the struggles mutants face as outcasts in a world where regular humans live in terror and prejudice runs rampant. You're introduced to the X-Men universe. The story really helps introduce every character, giving you background information on them and the various ordeals they've been through in the comic series. This will make an X-Men addict out of anyone. I went from being a moderate fan to someone who can't get enough!

The game blends action and RPG elements seamlessly. You work in teams of up to 4 characters, and each character has certain abilities. As you battle enemies you earn experience which helps you advance in level where you can then distribute stat points to various stats or techniques to imrpove the character's performance in battle and help with your general team strategy.

Each character has unique skills which also have secondary effects. For instance, one stage places you within a ship and the hull is damaged, so you need a character like Cyclops to use his optic blast to act as a welder to fuse the damaged hull and stabilize the structure. If a bridge collapses, you need Iceman for instance to build an ice bridge for you to cross.

Stunning 3D graphics, an amazing battle system, and the perfect storyline makes this game a must have for any PS2 owners. At under $10, you should pick up this game now because I guarantee you won't be disappointed!