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A Must Read For Any Red Sox Fan!

Reviewing: Big Papi: My Story Of Big Dreams And Big Hits Hardcover By David Ortiz And Tony Massarotti  |  Rating:
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Big Papi (AKA David Ortiz) is one of my favorite Red Sox players… Well, to be honest I have a lot of favorites, but who can help that with such a talented crew of athletes?

Anywho, when I heard that Big Papi was writing a novel I just had to have one!

When I began reading the book I knew that it was different from most biographies. For one, Big Papi’s words come off the page just as if he were sitting across from me speaking himself. It is so realistic that I can even hear his accent as I view the words.

Big Papi starts the story in his youth, which is quite interesting as I really do not know much about life in the Dominican. One of the things that I learned that I had not heard before, is that the boys would use anything for a baseball, often upsetting their sisters or their friends by popping off the heads of dolls and using them as a ball! Can you imagine? Another story recounts on how to make a baseball from dad’s socks! Hahaha!

Big Papi recounts his youth and teen years so vividly, that it is almost like a movie. He is very description on sites, sounds and feelings.

I could feel how emotional he was when he was hurt as a young teen when he thought he lost his chance at the MLB… and his frustrations through the Twins farm system and later as a rookie. All through these ordeals he speaks very fondly of his father and how his father helped him through these situations. Both Papi’s and his fathers words are so true and open.

When Big Papi’s mother died, my heart broke… His feelings leapt off of the page and I could hear in his words how big of an impact this was on his life…

While Big Papi does not speak too much about his wife and children, to protect their privacy, it is very apparent how much he loves them… and how important it is for him to be the type of father and roll model that his father was to him. He speaks openly about his parents divorce and how his father was still there for them and how important it is for him to ensure that his wife and children know how important they are to him, how much he loves and cares for them.

Papi’s recanting of the past seasons, including 2003 and 2004, gave me a whole new perspective of the games that I loved watching. I had the opportunity to hear more about the goings on and thoughts and feelings of the players, which was great!

I also felt that Papi did not hold back on his thoughts and feelings. The wording was so smooth that it felt open and honest. It is hard to explain without you picking it up and reading it yourself, as the inflections and tone of voice are very apparent in the written words.

My only regret about my purchase of “Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits” is that I was not able to get it at one of the book signing events. THAT would have been COOL!