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Reviewing: Animated Tv Series Fate Stay Night  |  Rating:
angelwings24 By angelwings24 on
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My cousin lend me this interesting DVD. Fate Stay Night is a very interesting cartoon series that has a great storyline. It is a Japanese-made animation series from Mahou Productions. If you ask me the reason behind the title I still have no idea. But I like the twist and turns of the story. I like cartoon series that will leave me guessing what will happen in the end. I also like how the creators weaved the story and made use of various literature characters from Greek mythology to classical English to ancient Babylonian epics and intertwined them with modern characters.

It is a 24-episode series that has magic and love for its central theme. I also like the way the creators gave the battle between good and evil a twist. Of course, as in any battle between good and evil in the animation world, the good always prevail but with certain losses. I will not go into those losses because I do not want to be a spoiler. But this is a good animation series for those who love action. The story in Fate Stay Night is much like the contest in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with a twist. The magicians compete with each other to obtain the Holy Grail.

But this animation series is I think only for 16 years old and above based on its largely adult content. It is too violent for children and I think parental guidance is needed if your children will be watching this cartoon series. Most action-filled Japanese animation like this one should not be viewed by children. The mature storyline I think really caters to the teens and adult viewers like me. But over-all I like this animation series and watched all the 24 episodes in a single day.