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A New Game, An Old Love

Reviewing: Nintendo Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold  |  Rating:
Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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OK first off, I am a huge follower of the Pokemon games. Hehe. I've been playing them for over a decade! So I do know my stuff ;)

So I was able to preview this game ahead of its release. It's AMAZING. It's a remake of the original Pokemon Silver & Gold games, but better. For those of you who have played pokemon games, I'd say it's a remake with certain details from pokemon yellow, ruby/sapphire, diamond/pearl/platinum, all rolled into one. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful new graphics. Much nicer than before. Kind of like Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. Though the graphics are more like Pokemon platinum. It's got depth and it's light on the screen. The buildings are much more different. Each important building is built to be unique, i am assuming, so you can tell the buildings apart.

A feature similar to Pokemon Yellow is the inclusion of the ability to have your lead pokemon follow you around (did that sound right?) and when you click on it, it makes a face and tells you its status! It even has the ability to play, though I didn't really see that too often.

The pokemon center was changed. It has three stories. The first and second story are visible on the same screen, though you have to move around to really see everything. The bottom floor, more like a basement, is well, beneath the pokemon center.

As featured in Pokemon r/s, you get to use running shoes. And this time, because of the use of the touchscreen moreso than the other games, you can just keep the running shoes locked on and run around in AND out of buildings. Great, right? Don't have to go back to those prehistoric days when you had to walk SLOWLY city to city before you get the bike.

I haven't gotten too far into the game, but so far, it's amazing. I really love it, so far. I am really happy to have the old pokemon, the GREATEST pokemon ever, back. And I'm sure a lot of players will agree with me. ;)