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A New Garden Tool For The Ladies!

Reviewing: Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer  |  Rating:
By w2011 on
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The Schick Quattro for Women's Trimstyle & Bikini Trimmer is a razor and bikini trimmer in 1. It has 4 ultra thin aloe and duo vitamin blades and a waterproof trimmer. The box contains 1 blade, battery, holder and the razor and for refill you cana use with any other Quattro for Women blade.

If you've used any other Quattro razor, the Trimstyle is wider. There's still a rubber area for you to place your finger above the blade althought it was in an unnatural position. The trimmer has an adjustable comb for different lengths and can be removed. I was a bit scared of cutting myself, because the comb was a little difficult to use for medium length. It might have just been me. There's a button on the handle that was also in an odd area. This button powers the trimmer. I kept touching the button and turning it on making it a bit annoying.

I was excited to get the Trimstyle mostly for my "garden." I usually dont shave down there, unless need be. The trimmer was effective and made everything look very presentable. It does sound like an electric razor, so if you dont want people to know what you're doing you may want to wait till you're alone. Just like the razor head, the trimmer was able to go in any direction. I love the razor blades, they make everything so smooth.

I have heard that it doesn't have good longevity. They work well for a while and then they start to snag at the hair before it dies. I could expect this from a product of its type. For less than 10 dollars, its a good price for about 3 months of effectiveness. I think females should have invest in a good razor. Anything is much better than a dull disposable! It would definitely be better if there was a shave cream around it so I could avoid using shave cream. However, regardless of that this is a great product. I've yet to experience waxing and I'm scared to do so yet. I'm over being perched over a toilet stool with my leg up on the tub trying to get the closest shave. I'm also over use scissors and electric razors to trim my "garden." Its nice to have a tool that has it both up there and they both perform well. Now I can ditch my disposables, and my trimmers. Wish I could ditch the shaving cream though! But hey, beggers cant be choosy!