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A New Type Of Walker!

Reviewing: Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Station  |  Rating:
By Nicki Mann on
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As you can see from the video, Hayden absolutely loves her Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Station! It keeps her so happy, active and busy. Similar to a traditional walker, she sits in it, and is held up so that her feet touch the bottom. Even before babies discover that they can move around the activity center in a circle, they love bouncing around in the seat, and they can pull themselves around to discover the different toys in the activity center! And, once the baby learns she can actually get that thing moving... what excitement!

I give this item a rating of 5 for both Learning Opportunities and Interactive Features. As the baby moves around the activity center, she'll find over 20 different toys and gadgets to keep her busy. There is a section with buttons, which can either make music or a variety of funny noises. There are several different rattles and spinny things for the baby to play with, little stuffed animals, different textures and noises, etc. If your baby gets bored of the toys on the activity center, you can even buy new ones and switch them out! There is also a built-in snack tray so the baby can munch on something while she plays!

This item gets a 5 for safety, as well. With traditional walkers, there is always a possibility that the baby might somehow scoot too close to the stairs with the walker and fall down, or even scoot out the door and get outside. With the Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Station, the baby can only walk in a circle around the activity center. She still gets the amusement and exercise that comes with walking, but in a safe and confined area. (Note: Babies still need to be supervised while using this item!)

Unfortunately, this item isn't very portable. You won't be able to toss it into the back of your van to take it to Grandma's house! It takes up a lot of space, too. If you put it too close to the furniture, as the baby runs around the activity center she will crash into the furniture! You'll need a spot where the baby will have clearance to make it all the way around the activity center.

All in all, I think this is an awesome product. Little Hayden has used the Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Station every single day since we got it!