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A New Way Of Racing....... Is The Best Way Of Racing!

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Super Mario kart was released for the super Nintendo (snes) in August 1992, and was the first Mario kart game to be released. Super Mario kart was a huge success thanks to a lot of things really: the iconic characters, the items you could get to either blast your opponent out the way or help your kart in some other way, the different cups, the maps, the music, the multiplayer, yes basically everything was a complete success story.



In super Mario kart you have a choice over eight iconic characters they are:






Donkey Kong Jr

Princess Toadstool (A.K.A Peach)

Koopa Troopa

Each character plays a bit differently so the lighter characters like toad have great acceleration but not a good top speed. Where as heavier characters such as Bowser have bad acceleration but a good overall top speed. And also characters who are medium in weight are just balanced they don't excel at any particular skill they are just ok at top speed and acceleration.

Once you have chosen your racer you then have to pick a cup to compete in,

Mushroom cup (Easy racing tracks)

Flower cup (Medium racing tracks)

Star cup (Hard racing tracks)

Each cup contains five racing tracks to race on. Of course the overall goal is to come in first place, the more closer to first place you come the more points you will receive. However if you finish in fifth place or below you will be "Ranked out" and will be forced to race the track again you must come in fourth place or higher to progress to the next track in the cup. You never know if you manage to win the gold in all the cups...........you never know they could be something else waiting at the end.

Also in super Mario kart not only do the maps represent how hard the race will be, you will also have to choose whether you want your kart to be fitted with a:

50CC engine (Easy)

100CC engine (Medium)

150CC (Hard)

The higher the engine power the faster the karts will go which makes it more difficult to play (it may sound better having more engine power so you can go faster put trust me it is harder!)

The thing that makes Mario kart different to other racers (besides the fact this is the only racing game where you will find a turtle racing against a plumber!) Is the fact you can obtain items which help you in someway to get you back into first place or to keep you there! There are all sorts of items you can obtain some make slip up on the track once you drive over them, some can blast over racers out the way and even one item can make invincible! (I won't name the items you can have the joy on finding them out for yourself)

In super Mario kart you can even have time trials you can set on each track. And once you set a record for the specific track you will have a ghost on that track and the ghost is there so when anybody else wants to challenge your race time they can see the ghost of the character you choose to set the time and race against it to make sure they have to beat that ghost to set a new record time on that track.

Then there's multiplayer the best mode in super Mario kart, the multiplayer mode allows you to play with a friend either on the grand prix mode (which is racing in all the cups I listed earlier) or my favourite mode which is battle. Battle mode is when each player picks there racer and a course to play on, and once they have done that each player has three lives the object of the game is to defeat the other player of their three lives whilst guarding your own. It is a really fun mode and adictive too!



Super Mario kart is a wonderful game with the modes available, the characters, the way you can use the items so just because you in eighth place in the final lap doesn't mean your going to end up there, and even the music is great. If you have a snes you most own this game especially if you have a second controller and a friend to play with, super Mario kart is a must have!!