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A New Way To Do Laundry?

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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I have been seeing on television a new product that is suppose to make doing laundry simple. This product intrigued me as I would love to spend less time doing laundry.The product is called Purex Laundry Sheets. These sheets are covered in what feels like dried liquid detergent and at the top of the sheet it has a green strip.

The way to use this product is you fill the washer up with some water put in one or two Purex Laundry Sheets depending on the size of the load of laundry you doing. This sheet is a substitute for your detergent. Once the laundry is washed you put the clothes in the dryer with the sheet from the washer. In the dryer, this sheet is supposed to eliminate static electricity.

I’ve bought some Purex Laundry Sheets and tried them in two different loads of laundry. They do have a very nice aroma. They clean the clothes pretty well but in the dryer they did not eliminate static electricity at all. The problem is the green strip washes almost completely away in the washer. So if I were to use these I would still have to use dryer sheets.

Another problem is these may not be as cost effective as doing laundry the usual way of buying detergent, bleach and dryer sheets especially if you have to use two sheets per load of laundry.

I would love to see somebody improve upon this product. This is a product whose time has come. These sheets can save on all the big plastic bottles we throw away each year.