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A Night Under Canvas. Gelert Tents.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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This Gelert range of tents is a budget range, designed for weekends or backpacking. They are only made to last two or three seasons, but of course it depends on how you use and abuse them. The Eiger 3 is very similar to a lot of tents, low construction price, lightweight, but waterproof.

The container or bag, or valise even, is made of the same material as the tent, (this is handy if you need a patch) and it measures 16 by 53 centimeters. It weighs four & a half Kilos, and can be worn on the back like a rucksack.

Inside the bag, you will find fibre-glass poles with elastics inside, these are "idiot proof" so are easy to assemble. You will also see the tent itself, comprising of the flysheet, an inner tent with sewn in groundsheet, and metal tent pegs. Sewn to the bag, is an instruction sheet printed on material, this is a good idea as you can't lose it. These instructions are well written, and have pictures.

The tent itself has a little headroom in the centre, in this case 130 centimeters, but just in the middle. The floor is square, and measures 210 centimeters.

On one wall, is a storage pocket, I keep a knife in there, in case of fire. There is a vent in the back wall.

The door closes with a zip, making it draught free, plus there is a mosquito net screen, again with a zip.

Then there is the flysheet, this gives an extra layer of protection, and has doors which can be tied open. Some of these can form a porch using poles, but my tent does not have these. I shall however, be making some up. This company does seem to change the spec now and again, while keeping the same model number, so it is advisable to check the spec for each tent you look at, otherwise the tent you buy in one shop, could be different to the one from down the road. I have not found this with any other company.

Between the flysheet and the inner tent, is a lobby you can use for dirty boots & wet gear, a very good idea indeed. The current name for this is a vestibule.

The tent is held down by conventional metal "meat skewers" and guy ropes, and is very quick to assemble.

It's advertised as being waterproof to 1500mm of hydrostatic head, although I don't understand that myself, if you do, please let me know.

The fabric is made of PU coated polyester, with taped seams, the inner is the same but this material is breathable, and the groundsheet is made from cheaper Polythene. I think this groundsheet is the weak link in the chain, so I use a second piece of polythene underneath.

As for the cost, the RRP is listed as £40.00 at the moment, but we don't pay that, shop around and you will find cheaper. Try in high street shops as well as online, and remember to allow for shipping if mail order. One reason I am doing this review in winter, is because you can get some very good out of season bargain now. I bought mine in the summer, and it was £25 from Millets, and I suspect you could get them a lot cheaper now. I have just looked & have seen them for £27.50 at Amazon.

.Gelert are a Wholesale and retail outdoor gear company, and have been on the go for 30 years now, and have a good reputation. They do very good quality tents as well as other equipment, although this particular one is aimed at people going to festivals etc.

I can certainly recommend this tent, es[ecially for one to two people.