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A Nintendo Ds Full Of Crossword Puzzles

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By sealboy6 on
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For some people, the idea of doing a crossword puzzle is a daunting task. People I know can do them without any difficulty, but for me, it is a little more difficult. But with the New York Times Crossword Puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, I have, in my hands, a plethora of crossword puzzles to work at and try to beat.

The game really is as the title says; it is a game where one can do crossword puzzles. There are over 1000 crossword puzzles that have, at one point or time, been in the New York Times newspaper. Most of them have been written by the legendary Will Shortz, who is also known for his Sudoku puzzles. The three modes are Challenge, where one can select any puzzle from the thousand that they want to do, quick puzzle, which gives one a random puzzle, or Weekly Puzzle, where one must do a Monday (easy) puzzle, and work oneself up to the Sunday (Most Difficult) puzzle.

The game plays like a crossword puzzle game would. One traverses the puzzle and puts in the words as they match the clues. The controls are easy to use, and one can zoom in/out, scroll quickly through the clues, or ask for a hint at the press of a button. This feature is especially helpful for when one gets stuck. The words and letters can be put in by either using a qwerty keyboard that shows up on the touch screen, or by writing in each individual letter. It is simple and comes naturally.

Although playing the game is simple, actually playing the game is much more difficult. The Monday puzzles aren't for the faint of heart, and the other days only up the difficulty. The Monday puzzles are good for beginners, but younger people may have difficulty. Having done real crossword puzzles in the past is certainly a help.

Overall, I recommend this game to crossword puzzle fans and other people who are interested in trying them. Crossword puzzles are often done on paper, and this simplified this by giving one many do to on one device. It's a fun time waster for me, and I see myself continuing to play until I eventually can beat some of the hardest puzzles. Enjoy.