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A No Brand Controller Is A Cheap Alternative

Reviewing: Unknown Dual Shock Wireless Gamepad Controller For Sony Ps2  |  Rating:
Daniel Mitev By Daniel Mitev on
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My sister bought this controller for me since the other two I had were damaged. I have one original DualShock 2 controller with two unoperational buttons and a BigBen Interactive wired controller with broken directional pad. I always had trouble with wires, I would trip on them, unplug them or pull the whole console with them so I wanted the comfort and freedom of a wireless gamepad. I chose this controller on Ebay, there are numerous variations of wireless PS2 controllers from unnamed brands and those from the top brands are pricy, so I just chose something that looked nice. I plugged the receiver, put in George of the Jungle and started playing. At first it seemed to me as if I would have to press the buttons hard to get reaction, but eventually it seemed to normalize. The trouble I found was with the directions, if I pulled down the left analog stick to crouch, it would often turn me left or right and when I try to make a roll, it would send me in the wrong direction which can be troublesome. I find the directional pad is a bit uncomfortable, it feels unequally adjusted and it hits the edge of the holding base when I press it. I don't get the idea of the circular pad, the original directional buttons are quite easier to operate and I have also seen better application of the circular style. I tried the controller with other games, like Ratchet and Clank 3. It was my first ps2 game, I switched it into first person perspective as soon as it started for the first time and I found it extremely comfortable to play with the original gamepad. I have completed it at least a dozen times since then and when i tried it with this new wireless controller, the aiming was so hard I had to put the game in third person perspective jump'n'run style so I can operate easier. Also the analog buttons responded difficult and sometimes jammed, I had to press hard to make it fire, but that was a bigger problem in other games. I tried to play Tomb Raider Anniversary, and first thing I noticed, I can't make Lara fire. Well I can, but again I had to press the button real hard. Then when I try to hold on to an edge and move around, I keep falling off even though I keep the R2 button pressed hard, it's like the slightest decrease of tension on the button causes me to lose my grip. I passed it anyway and proceeded to a battle scene and that's when it became really hard to control things. I think precision control is quite important in Tomb Raider games and this gamepad just won't cut it. They claim it has a very high sensitivity, but the way I see it, this rather seems to backfire on the actual application in games and turn into hardness. The good features I find in the gamepad are the overal design and the material. It fits comfortably and it's made of something like half-rubber. It's soft to the touch but hard if you apply tension. It doesn't seem to gather dust or show fingerprints too much. The vibration is also quite strong. The reaction time seems fast, as long as you can press the buttons with enough tension. I would say the gamepad is good enough as long as you can allow the time to get accustomed to it. Still, I would recommend something proven from a renowned brand or just the original gamepad, nothing ever beats the original. If Sony would release a wireless version of their DualShock2, it would be perfect. Or if they already have, I don't know about it. Take care and have a good game everyone.