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A No Cap Required Drive: Pny Clip On 4 Gb

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Mister Tickle By Mister Tickle on
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I tend to lose a lot of things, especially small things such as USB caps. I have a whole bunch of USB keys without caps. I decided to switch to something new. The PNY Clip On doesn’t have a cap! This means that I cannot lose the cap. How can I lose a cap if the flash drive doesn’t have a cap? I got the 4 gigabyte drive and I am totally satisfied with it. The price was $9.99 when I purchased it.

I got the color green. To use this product, I simply slide it. There’s a hook that comes off when the product is in use so I can take it off of my keychain easily. It is very thin and it is slightly smaller than an ordinary thumb drive. The read and write speed of the PNY Clip On is 14 Mbps read and 4 Mbps write. I find that the speed is decent. It isn’t fast or slow, just average. I find just about all thumb drives have the same read and write speed. Since a thumb drive isn’t for carrying and transferring large files, the read and write speed are great. Instead of getting a full 4 gigabytes, I got 3.92 gigabytes. I felt cheated in a while as the product details mislead me. If the packaging says 4 gigabytes, I should get at least 4 gigabytes. This is something to watch out for. If you know that 3.92 gigabytes, the actual storage size, isn’t enough for you, I suggest you switch to one with a larger size.

I find that this product is well made. It is very well sealed and very durable. I dropped it a few times by accident and I find that it still works. The case doesn’t crack open or anything over time so that is a thumbs up. Once again, I have to say that this is very well built. The only thing that isn’t well made is the ring where I clip it on my keychain. I found that bit cracking already. I suggest you don’t pull on the flash drive, especially when it is hooked on to something like a keychain. One thing I have to say is that the tip of the key where it gets plugged into a computer isn’t very well protected. It is exposed. There’s no cover or lid to prevent dust and other stuff from getting on it. I am afraid that this may damage the drive. There’s nothing to do here as there isn’t a cover available. However, the PNY Clip On has an acceptable price so I have no problem with getting another one.