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A Novel Idea

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When I first saw a commercial for Aqua Globes, I was intrigued. I became interested in this because sometimes I forget whether I've watered my indoor plant. Also, I never really know how much water my Jade plant needs. I've heard that they don't need much water, but how much is too much and how little is too little?

I wasn't interested enough in Aqua Globes to order it. I had a watering can already and that was good enough for the time being. Then all the sudden, a few weeks ago, a family member of mine was shopping in TJ Maxx. When they saw this watering stick being sold there that was only $2.00, they bought it right away. This doesn't look like it's sold by Aqua Globes, perhaps it's a generic version.

The stick comes in blue, green and orange. I got my least favorite color of the three (Orange), but even so, this is a thing of beauty. It is individually handblown and is made out of glass. It has nice weight to it and doesn't feel too thin. On the packaging, it says that the stick, "Keeps plants watered for about 2 weeks." I've found it was completely empty in 9 days, so I feel like the claim was a bit exaggerated.

I like using this and will continue to do so. If you use one or are thinking of buying one, make sure to clear the straw part of any soil that gets sucked in. I've noticed that this has happened with mine. I get it out by filling it with water, then emptying it, over and over, until the clog comes out.