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A Polysporin Original Review

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Polysporin is an antibiotic cream that is used to prevent infection, heal and minimize scarring.

I first bought this cream several years ago to test its effectiveness in preventing acne scarring, which I have a huge issue with. During that time I used it sporatically and did not notice any effects. Soon after I stopped and left it among my other products to collect dust. It wasn't until about last year, during my clinical experiences, did I hear from nurses and others about the effectiveness of this product. According to my instructors something like polysporin is used on all patients that have facial surgery and it is effective in healing and minimizing scarring.

I have since used it on most of my open wounds, acne ones included. I have found that it seems to help me heal better and I have yet to get an infected wound using it. I like that it does not smell, comes in two sizes and is easy to apply. One small tube lasts me a long time and I find it handy to carry around in my little makeup bag.

Pros: Cheap, works, easy to carry, no odour.

Cons: umm...ugly packaging?

I would recommend this product.