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A Pretty Funny Movie.

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Joshua Cruz By Joshua Cruz on
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This movie is just too good to pass up, especially for a Simpsons fan. This movie has all kinds of funny scenes, like Bart naked skateboarding, the jokes, how idiotically Homer acts, and the famous "Spider Pig" scene. Everyone loves that pig.

The movie starts with Homer accidentally polluting the city's main river with toxic waste from the nuclear power plant he works at.The City is then sealed off in a giant indestructable dome due to Springfield being the most polluted place in the world. Homer takes his family and attempts to find a better place to live. This leads to a pretty funny adventure for family bonding and a way to escape the dome.

This a great movie to watch with family or friends. I've watched this movie at least 5 times now, and it makes me laugh at least 36 times every time I watch it. It will also have you sing "SpiderPig" over and over for the next couple of days. A great movie for just plain entertainment.