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A Program That Promises Alot, But Can't Deliver

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Being a self-taught guitarist in the new millennia, I used a computer to teach me how to play. Though I'm not very skilled, the program Guitar Pro really taught me a lot. Well, now I'm playing Bass guitar and have been looking for something to make up the lack of bass tabs on the net. I found a program called "Digital Music Mentor" by Sienzo that promises that you can upload a song in it's MP3 format, and not only will it convert it to chords, it will also let you see how the bass is played. While this is an amazing sounding concept, this program does not do what it promises.

Lets start off with the interface. The interface is really simple and plain. You have your tab sheet to look at, with an option that you can type the lyrics so when you play you follow along with not only the tabs, but you can sing along, making it look more professional. There is a little box that says has the buttons you need to press. All you have to do is click load, choose your MP3 file, let it convert it to a wav, then click analyze and there ya go, you're on your way to play your song.

Now granted, I don't know how exactly to play the songs, so the program could be right, but using Guitar Pros tablature to compare, it is extremely off on the bass portion. But lets start with the chords. The chord part of this program works spot on. If you put in a nice acoustic song and pick up your song, you'll be playing it dead on in no time. The only thing I don't like about the program when it comes to the chords is that it really doesn't display the tablature for you to read, it just gives you the notes. Then there is a nice little thing on the side that tells you what position to put your fingers in. This part of the program really shines and makes you think..man..this is amazing. But the bass on the other hand..is horrible.

The bass tablature is rubbish. Even if you tell the program what tuning that the song is in(which I think a computer program that promises to give you the most accurate tablature without any user input should do exactly that), the tabs are horribly off and sound nothing like they should when you plug in and play. Half of the time, there were even tabs on the screen, just the random pluck of the string here and there, but they wanted you to play the chords on your bass instead. That's not how they are played! I used a really easy song for the program, Vigil by Lamb of God, and, for those of you who can read tabs, it goes like this in Drop D on the D string: 8-8-8-8 8-8-8-8 7-7-7-7..it basically plays the minor scale. But on the program, it was telling me to hit the E string and A string when I didn't need to, and when I plugged in and tried, it sounded horrible.

This program is alright for any acoustic guitarist out there wanting to know the chords, but for the bassist, this is a bad program. And for the $80 price tag, definitely not worth the price. Save yourself the time and money and just get PowerTab for free or GuitarPro for a decent price. They are much easier, though tabs can be a pain to find at times, especially if you are a bassist.