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A Quick Shave By Braun.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I must just say I got my Braun because someone was throwing it out, when I asked what was wrong with it, I got the blunt answer that it was "Bust". I detest throwing things away, so I looked and saw the plug was shattered, I assumed there was something else wrong, but decided to replace the plug and give it a try anyway.

The shaver buzzed into life, and several years later I still use it from time to time. I only use this as a second shaver, because I like a wet shave. However, I can recommend these shavers for those who would rather use an electric. My stubble is like me, thick, so a good wet shave is the only way I can get rid of my five 'o' clock shadow.

Replacement foil heads are available for this shaver, and cost less than Eleven Pounds, there are many spare parts still out there if you search around. My shaver is black with yellow stripes, I don't think there is a choice of colours. I think this is a marketing error, because designer colours do sell!

I consider myself fortunate to have a good model, these have a 2 year guarantee, & apparently it's not uncommon to find these packing up, just after it expires.

The leads on these are plenty long enough, and the quality of the wire is good. If you do damage the lead, it can be replaced very easily. The controls feel solid, even after lots of use. I do find that the foil head clips off to clean it very easily. The noise is not any worse than other shavers, & the vibration is acceptable.

The important thing of course is how close it shaves, I must say that I was impressed, it leaves my coarse stubble reduced to a smooth skin very quickly. I have not experienced any soreness, or irritation. The feel of the shaver in my hand is more than comfy, and the weight, although heavy, is acceptable.

I did not receive any packaging, (Having rescued it from a dustbin) so will not comment on this. Other Braun products I have owned have always been well packaged.

Mine has a dual voltage selector, and I just leave it on 240 volts, I never use 110v, and have no idea if this is protected against the wrong voltage, I am certainly not going to try it because I value my little shaver.