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A Review Of The Nu Wave Infared Tabletop Oven

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John Sussdorff By John Sussdorff on
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Infared Small Review Hearthware Tabletop

The Nuwave oven is a fast and reliable household appliance. Its features include infrared cooking, timer, and easy clean apparatus. The Nuwave cooked for me for a year now, and was only $99 at Kmart. I cook hamburgers, steaks, chicken, french fries, and countless other goodies. Cook directly from the freezer.

The Nuwave is versatile, and unique. It can cook frozen or fresh foods, and will always keep up the juiciest flavor, infinitesimal compared to the price of chef used infrared ovens. It can defrost, and dehydrate as well. Included with the oven is an instruction guide, and quick reference chart for cooking times.

The Nuwave is a great value for the Kmart customer, or at most stores. It's unique method of cooking and cleaning make it a leader in home cooking technology. The oven is a great addition to your kitchen, and will last as long as you keep it clean and useable. The Nuwave doesn't need much maintenance just screw off the infrared cooking head, and clean the shatterproof dome plexiglass cover. Then screw the head back on and clean the drip tray and grilling stand that sits in the oven and that you stick all your food on.

Overall the Nuwave will make a great addition to your families cooking utensils, and will last you for years to come. I hope you enjoyed the review of this health, and energy conscious product. The Nuwave will remove more fat and oils from foods than frying or oven cooking will. It constantly drips into the drip plate for easy disposal. When compared side by side with an oven, using a roast the Nuwave had 40% more fat and oil from cooking left in the collection dish than the oven or the fry pan.

Cleanup is a breeze. What if I don't want to clean? Well you can always wait and use pans or aluminum foil to cook on, and this will save time with cleaning up all the time. The oven uses 1300 watts of power, and is cheaper than an oven to clean, and use. Cleans with standard dish washing detergent and is dishwasher safe (don't wash infrared cooking head).

The Nuwave comes in several different models. The one I bought at Kmart seemed just like the one on television minus the electronic timer, and free gifts. But for $99, it's a good deal. I use mine almost everyday, and the only issue I have ever had is the head on my old Flavorwave (apples to oranges) burned out, so I bought this at Christmas of 2011, and its been running strong ever since. Happy cooking......