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A Review Of The Oral B Professional Care 3000

Reviewing: Braun Oral B Professional Care 3000  |  Rating:
By sammccauley on
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Do you long that dentist clean felling during the time before your dental checkups?

Then the Oral B Professional Care 3000 Electric toothbrush is for you!

When looking at the vast range of electric toothbrushes one wonders which one to choose. Is the dearer Triumph Toothbrush better? Is the cheaper Vitality the way to go? Do I really need an electric toothbrush, I mean a manual one is fine!

Im no dentist, but I can tell you from my own experience, and the claim on the box that an electric toothbrush makes your mouth fell much cleaner. I cant really judge how much plaque it removes compared to a manual toothbrush, but my teeth fell so much smoother than when using a manual. The box that the product comes in claims that the toothbrush "Removes up to 2X more plaque than a regular* manual toothbrush". The * just refers to a flat trim toothbrush.

In fact, I have been using electric toothbrushes for about 7 years, all Oral B (I have had in order: Oral B Vitality, Oral B Triumph {Without the smart guide gimmick} and finally this toothbrush) and I have only one filling that needs fixing by the dentist.

I decided to get this toothbrush after my more expensive Triumph died after 3 years of hard work. In fact, that toothbrush had been used for about 73 hours. So I had to make a decision, buy the newer model of the Triumph with the gimmicky smart guide, or find another toothbrush model.

In Australia, we only have the Oral B brand of toothbrushes, as Phillips Sonicare is not available here. Oral B had recently released new toothbrushes so I checked them out.

The dearest model does 40, 000 pulsations and 8, 800 oscillations per minute, so I decided to see if any other toothbrushes did this. I was surprised to see that the lower priced Professional Care 1000 and 3000 did exactly the same. I decided on the lower priced models, and then had too choose which one. I decided to try the dearer model, knowing that I could return it in 30 days if I was not happy.

Well, all I can say is I love it. It seems to brush a lot better than my older model Triumph. I love the design of the brush and base, and it seems very slim. I also love the 2 minute timer in quadrants (every 30 secs the brush changes the sound so that you know to go to another quadrant of your mouth - your mouth is broken up into four quadrants.) and the pressure indicator, a feature that my older model did not have.

Something that is also not mentioned on the box is that you can use exactly the same brush head as the Triumph (the FlossAction) so your getting the same effect for cheaper.

One of the design flaws of this brush is that it is a little wobbly on the charger, but I have not managed to knock it over yet.

Overall, as you can tell I am VERY happy with this brush. I recommend this brush to anyone whom is looking for a great toothbrush but is not looking for all the fancy dancy features of the more expensive models.