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A Sad But Lovely Story

Reviewing: Judy Waite The Stray Kitten  |  Rating:
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My son came home with the same library book for the third week running, the book is hardback and the title is The stray kitten, the front cover displays the title, author and a beautiful picture of a cute black and white kitten surronded in wild plants with the sea in the background, the front cover of the book is really colourful and thats what I think makes this book interesting to children.

My son is in primary 4 and was able to read this book on his own with very little help from me, we read the book together then he read it to me, the story would probably suit younger children as well as children of a primary 4 age. throughout this book there are colourful illustrations on every other page, again another reason why children will find this book interesting.

The beggining of the story starts of telling us how this little kitten has no home and lives on the streets among some old pipes, he has to search high and low for food staying away from certain dangers, during the summer months the kitten manages to find scraps of food, either from passers-by, insects or searching through rubbish although he is still always hungry. Throughout the winter months the now grown kitten finds it harder to find any food, he manages the odd scrap but it just isnt enough.

Finally he gives up as he is so weak, he crawls into the pipes and lies there until one day he hears a loud bang, scared he lies quietly and as flat as he can hoping that no harm comes to him, however he soon realises that there is a young boy there who means him no harm, the young boy gently picks up the stray cat and takes him home. After sometime the cat learns how to be loved and cared for.

My son loved this story, well I must admit I really enjoyed it too, the story is quite sad and you cant help but to feel sorry for the little kitten, but the ending is happy which really pleased my son. this book is really good and teaches kids to care for animals, each page is beautifully illustrated and the story is not to long, which is good. Highly recommended

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