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A Safe Ride For Everyone

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angelsfae By angelsfae on
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I don't have any children... well not any human children that is. I do have my dog though and I treat him as if he were my kid. I bath him, feed him, sometimes clothe him but most of all I protect him, just like any good mother would do. There is nothing worse than a dog that just wants to be in your lap when you are driving down the road. Ok, so the people with the little itty bitty dogs can accomplish that just fine. But my 65 pound Siberian husky, I don't think so. My son will never be able to drive no matter how many times he jumps in my lap! His name is Banditt and he's 2 years old and loves to be by mom at all times. As much as I love him, however, he CANNOT sit in my lap in the car. It's just not safe. It's not safe for me (because I can't see over all his fur) and it's not safe for him. So, I invested in this nifty car seat belt for dogs. It is a dog harness that has a padded front where the harness rests on the dogs chest. I thought that was great, dogs skin gets irritated to when something rubs up against it and with the padded front it comforts the front of the dog. It has a little hook on the back that hooks onto a part of the harness to make a loop. All you have to do is feed the regular car seat belt through the loop and snap it in place and your dog can go for a safe ride too!

My dog LOVES his seat belt. He knows he's going for a ride when I pull it out of his doggy box. He gets so excited but he sits vey nice while I buckle it on. It's easy to put on and take off. There are two "snap" type buckles, one on each side, and is also very easy to adjust. I love the product, Banditt loves it and I'm sure your dog will love it too!