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A Secret Beauty Secret? Oh My!

Reviewing: Apollo Health And Beauty Care Nutrius The Miracle Face Lift  |  Rating:
lexxia By lexxia on
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Sometimes it just pays to look inside those little isle clearance bins at the local grocery/department store. A few months ago while on a grocery shopping expedition I decided that I'd pay a visit to a couple of them to see if there were any little nuggets of goodness hidden inside.

While rooting through the numerous products, many with dents, bangs, rips or minus the proper packaging I came across a tube of lotion. Nutrius. Never heard of it. The all white tube with an orange cap and grey writing looked nice enough but it was the "Miracle Face Lift" announcement at the top of the tube that really caught my eye. Who doesn't want to lift that face and tuck those lines back into oblivion!

Reading the package description I learned that the product is touted as an "Advanced Anti-Aging & Stretch Mark Cream". Interesting. I'd been on the hunt for a 'stretch mark' cream similar to the famous Strivectin that had become quite popular of late but I had never been willing to let go of the $100 or so that this cream expected to command from the hungry, anti-age me population. Here, when I wasn't even really looking, was a product that sounded a lot like the popular expensive 'miracle beauty cream'.

The clearance price for this $30 tube of miraculous repair was a wonderful little pittance of $5.00! Well, even if it didn't do what it claimed to, was $5.00 so much to throw away on yet another beauty treatment that fell short? Not really considering that I'd just spent $50 a few weeks before on something that I'd hoped would give me 'girly' skin again but that had done nothing except cause my skin to react poorly.

With my little tube of wonderful in my cart I proceeded to finish shopping and dash home to try my new wonder find! The cream is highly concentrated so a little does indeed go a long way. One of the main ingredients in Nutrius is Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 which is said to help with the development of new collagen, elastin and glucosaminoglycanes (aka GAGs). As you massage it into your skin you can feel a tingling sensation (does that mean it's working?) and after application is complete and the cream is well absorbed by the skin, running your fingers across your skin does indeed feel velvety smooth to the touch. That's all well and good though, any cream can do that right?

Well, with Nutrius, I began to see a noticeable difference in the way my skin felt and looked after only a few days of use. Not even the most expensive cream in my arsenal of goodies had ever been able to show improvement in that time. Most had caused reactions well before, some within only hours of using them. The cream is not to be used more than three times within a 24 hour period and should not be used by people who are pregnant or nursing and only by those who are over the age of 18. Hmmm, something tells me that there are some pretty potent ingredients in this little tube of wonder.

The problem with this cream, and there is one if you are an ingredients hound as I am, is that first and foremost access to the list of ingredients used in this product is sorely lacking. By visiting the Nutrius official site which is also attached to a store where you can purchase their products directly, we learn that Emblica, an edible fruit that also goes by the names Indian Gooseberry or Alma is the "primary" ingredient in the cream. Apparently it is this particular ingredient that helps reduce fine lines and leave the skin nutrient rich with Vitamin C and antioxidants. But that's about the extent of what we know to be in this product. The package itself is oddly enough, void of any mention of any ingredients at all. Either the ingredients are a trade secret known only to the select few within the Company or...they're possibly something to worry about. In my search however, I've not located anything that uncovers any dangers associated with this Company's products but perhaps until I can investigate a little deeper, I will recommend that anyone wishing to try this product should first consult their Dermatologist/Medical practitioner to ensure that there is no reason for worry. Further, unless you can obtain this product at a cost much less than retail as I did, so that you can test it out before committing a larger amount of money, I'd hope that you'd research the product as fully as possible before spending full price on it or using it.

It is said to be dermatology tested and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin but a patch test is recommended to ensure that your skin does indeed accept the use of the cream. I personally found that the cream alone was a little too much for my skin but I am on a few prescribed medications and have found that normally I will react to almost everything initially. To combat any irritation which in my case was a tendency to dry patches, I simply combined the cream with some Sweet Almond Oil and use it every other day rather than daily as the product recommends is acceptable. Nutrius is claimed to be peanut free and NOT tested on animals.

Overall, I would rate Nutrius, a little hesitantly only because of the lack of ingredient information, as one of the better products I've used in my daily skin rituals and for the price, it is also one of the more economical choices. Using just a very small amount on my fingertips every application I have found that the 6 oz (170g) tube has barely gone down.

If you can pick this up for less than cost, it's a great way to try it and see if you or your skin likes it. I've had pretty good results and although I'm not overly crazy about the fact that Apollo isn't as completely forthcoming about the ingredients overall, so far I haven't seen any physical evidence that the cream is something to be overly concerned about using. No warts, alien skin or deformities noted at this time but research before purchasing to ensure you are comfortable with the product/Company first. :)