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A Short Review Of The Xbox Kinect

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The Kinect

The Xbox 360 Kinect. I am certain that almost all of you have heard of the Kinect, but you may be wondering "Does it live up to what Microsoft claims?" In this short review I am going to touch on a couple factors. So if youmay be wondering "How does Kinect work?" From what I understand the Kinect uses infrared light and 3D camera sensors to reconstruct an area in 3D. A problem that may be faced when using the Kinect in low light is that you will have to be really close to the device for it to sense you. This means that if using it to navigate menus while watching a movie there will have to be a good amount of light, I only present this as a problem for I know many prefer to watch movies in the dark. But that's all I will say on that subject for I am not an expert and do not want to post inaccurate information.

Now I will move on to menu navigation. Navigation is so-so. First thing is that the lighting really does matter here. I found myself really close to the Kinect at point waving my hand trying to move the pointer. Also because it does direct the pointer from your hand the pointer can be really sensitive, it is a good thing though that the developers understoof that no one can keep their hand perfectly still and have made large buttons.

For actual game play I gave this a very high rating. For the most part it is fairly easy to get the hang of games and is a blast to play. I have rarely ever had it not detect me when I was playing. Also something personal that I noticed, when you loose a level or a game you do not feel such a sense of failure. Because of the fun being the controller it makes you not care if you play the same level over and over.

Well, I tried to keep that short so that no one got bored. If you have any questions regarding anything else with this device feel free to ask.