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A Sour Cliche Except, This Time With Wolves

Reviewing: Movie: Sony Pictures Alpha And Omega  |  Rating:
Fifi Qwer By Fifi Qwer on
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With a predictable plot and and banal characters, this film was a definite waste of time. It is a good thing I did not want to see it in the theatres or else I would have wasted my money as well. I could have fell asleep just about anytime in the story, except there was a fair amount of ahem, howling. Except that it wasn't really howling, it was more like singing. There are a lot of improvements to be made to this movie to make it more exciting, but I understand this was a story for children under 5. Not a very broad age range is it? Well that's because that would be the only audience I see fit for a movie about talking, furry wolves who try to woo each other but are eternally sepaerated by their own laws, (but are still friends and their family accepts each other for friends so it's not like a Romeo and Juliet thing) get sent on an atypical adventure, and come back and decide to go against their society by declaring their love for one another. And it all works out in the end, how sweet. Well, onto the bad parts then.

If only there was an unexpected twist at the end, or the beginning, or even the middle of this sad movie, (as in bad movie, not tragic movie) that could have set this one apart from all the thousands of other little kid movies with talking animals that were animated to have strange haircuts. And it was sooo predictable! I knew everything that what would happen next since it was always like that. Anyone who has seen most cliche movies could probably guess what would happen. Also, several scenes are stolen from The Lion King and Brother Bear and Bambii and many other older, lovable movies. This one movie just doesn't do the old ones justice.

I guess if you are forced to look into the good parts, I'd have to say...well...errr there seems to be a fair amount of...well, it's kind of cute I suppose. The animals are drawn really funny, and their personalities are...a little less than mature, but they kind of have little bits of action smuggled through. It's just that for a film for little kids, there is a lot of snarling and crazy, almost physcotic beahvior among all the animals. Not to mention that the humans always seem so ignorant and kind of stupid. Is that what kids should be watching? Well I guess they should know that it's all in good fun I suppose? As long as nobody dies? But if they want to be realistic, then they should tell the truth instead of sugarcoating it. Also, the 3D was good, or so I heard, but I don't think it would have made such a difference. All in all, this movie, if seen by any small child or naiive person will seem exciting and maybe even decent, but I don't personally recommend it to anyone over 8.