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A Spiritual Book That Is Highly Inspiring

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By victor678 on
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‘The Glory of freedom' is a book written by Osho. I have read this book and have enjoyed each and every page of it. I am thankful to Osho for producing such a marvelous book. This is one of the most wonderful books among the non-fictional books that I have read. This book is about nothing but freedom. Osho says that freedom is very important in life. It is freedom that gives us meaning in life. It is freedom that helps us in attaining high peaks in our life. It is freedom that gives us an individuality and character. Without freedom, a man is as good as dead. Freedom gives us life and lack of freedom makes us lifeless.

But society tries its best to destroy man's freedom. The society, or to make it more clear, the authoritative people in society, want the masses to be under their control and they do their best to impose a large number of restrictions, many of which are meaningless restrictions and may not necessarily be healthy for the individual.

However, Osho gives good news in the book. He says that it is possible for the individual to destroy the misery and conditioning. The individual can be totally free and through the freedom, he can reach or experience God or the divine. This book gives us the idea that freedom is the way to God.

Osho also writes about God. According to Osho, God is not somebody seated above who watches or judges our actions. God is a consciousness, a consciousness that has got unlimited power and energy. Through freedom, one can merge into this consciousness which is divine and breath-taking. That is why Osho glorifies freedom so much.

In my opinion, this book is a very good book, not only good to read, but a book that makes you think, a book that gives you new insights. Very few are such books. Therefore, I consider this book as an exceptional one. Through this book, Osho sends an important as well as spiritual message to mankind. The message is to live a life as free as possible. There should not be unnecessary bonds in life. The man who is free from such unnecessary bonds is the lucky individual who has experienced the glory and beauty of freedom.